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Powered seat tilt
Stand assist seat tilt
  • Pivot at the front of the seat
  • Can be combined with seat height motion to lift and raise at the same time
Code: EM5-40
Powered backrest angle
  • Backrest angle control via joystick for ease of adjustment for a weak hand or wrist
Code: EM5-41
Powered footplate
  • Rests flush to the floor for ease of access into and out of the chair
  • Provides precise control over height of footplate for maximum comfort in the knee and ankle
Code: EM5-F02
Powered leg support cradle
Stand assist seat tilt
  • Left or right-handed soft mesh fabric support on a tubular frame
  • Footrest has angle adjustment for different shoe heel thickness
Code: EM5-F25 L/H
Code: EM5-F25 R/H
Halogen floodlight
  • Floodlight control via joystick
  • Mounted on LHS
Code: EM5-50
Swing back arm
To facilitate sideways entry into the chair on the left or right hand side
  • Height and width adjustable
  • Strong steel support arm
Code: EM5-F31
Code: EM5-F34 L/H
Code: EM5-F35 R/H
Footplate extension
  • A raised footplate to support feet for users with a short lower leg length
Code: EM5-F35
Code: EM5-F36 L/H
Code: EM5-F37 R/H
Bespoke backrest
  • We assess and build upholstery to fit any body shape with our modular fitting system
Code: MFS5-40
Schukra lumbar support
  • Adjustable three fold support to the pine in the pelvic, lumbar and thoracic area provides precise control over the vertebral column
Code: LS3/LS4
Bespoke seat
  • Pressure cushion built into the chair to specification
  • We assess and create a customised seat cushion to suit individual requirements
Code: EM5-U20
Seat front raise
Comfort for a leg amputee
  • Left or right-handed half-seat front rise
  • Air bulb pump controls height of seat half front
Code: EM5-U10 L/H
Code: EM5-U11 R/H
Leg strap
To hold legs securely
  • Attached under seat front
  • Quick and easy velcro fastening
Code: EM5-F46
Lap strap
To hold the body securely
  • Padded strap
  • Quick release buckle
  • Attached to the seat
Code: EM5-F48
Walking stick clips
To facilitate sideways entry into the chair on the left or right hand side
  • Clip fitted to both sides of the back
Code: EM5-04
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