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The UK's only motorised office chair for disabled users from SitAbility
The revolutionary motorised office chair
Our eMove5 office chair combines powered movement with powered control (of the main chair adjustments) to aid mobility for users with severe muscle weakness or partial paralysis. The eMove5 chair is unique - it offers the full range of adjustment normally found on an ergonomic office chair with upholstery sized to fit the user, giving maximum comfort and support.
An office chair that adapts to your particular needs
The eMove5 chair comes with a comprehensive range of powered options such as assistance with access into and out of the chair and adjustment of the seat position. As well as sizing the chair upholstery to suit an individual, we create bespoke chairs to suit clinical conditions, to provide a perfect fit for the maximum support. The eMove5 chair hands independence back to the user - allowing movement in and around the home, office and workplace. It gives the user the freedom to work unheeded at their desk or to interact with colleagues.
British designed and built ingenuity
Based in Reading, SitAbility is the UK's leading manufacturer of high-end ergonomic and adapted office seating. We have over 20 years experience dealing with the most complex customer seating needs. With the eMove5, we've achieved new levels of performance based on ten years of extensive user feedback and research.
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> Powered movement
> Powered seat lift
> Slim design
> Rotates on own axis
> Bespoke upholstery
> Retractable wheels
> High seat lift
> Powered footplate
> Joystick control
> Indoor use
> Outdoor use
> Modified to fit user
> Halogen floodlight
> Leg strap
> Rechargeable battery
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